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        2019年5月25日,大學四級口語考試第四場個人陳述部分話題為干凈的環境的重要性,即The Importance of Clean Environment。有關環境的話題總是層出不窮,但是歸根結底其實考察的重點就是在于是否需要環境保護,環境保護的重要性,或者環境保護的有益影響。那么現在小編就從以上幾個方面為大家分析這個話題的陳述方法和技巧。以下是范文部分,僅供大家參考。

        Let me see. Surely there’s no doubt that lean environment is crucial. Everyone needs to live in a clean environment and I am no exception.

        The benefits are manifold. For instances, it is good for your health if we live in a clean environment, since we can breath fresh air and drink clean water. Clean environment provides us with opportunities to enjoy beautiful views of green mountains and clear rivers in which fishes swim freely.

        It also allows us to have good mood every day when working or studying. Just imagine, if we drive on the road after a day’s tedious work, suddenly we run onto a road with litter everywhere and unpleasant smell from the river beside the road, what will we feel and what will we do? We are likely to feel grumpy and anxious. 

        It is hard to imagine how awful and terrible our life would be if we can’t live in a clean environment, so I’d like to suggest that we do all our best to protect our environment for our physical and psychological health. It is our responsibility to protect where we live and set examples to the next generations so as to maintain our clean environments forever.


        關于“重要性”的話題,首先要先表明自己的立場:某件事確實很重要,然后分別闡述自己的理由。這里請大家注意,因為大家會闡述多個理由,所以要有意識地使用表示順序的連接詞,如from the beginning,next,additionally,besides,last but not least,因為行文的連貫性是我們四六級口語考試的評分標準之一。



        Benefits are manifold/ multiple.

        Sth. Allows sb. to do sth. / helps sb. to do sth.

        Sth. provides sb. with chances to do sth.

        Sth. offers a chance to do sth.



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