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        2019年5月大學英語四級考試第五場個人陳述為music; 即音樂給我們生活帶來的影響。提到音樂大家并不陌生,相信很多考生還有自己喜歡的音樂形式,喜歡的歌手。而這些,都可以成為我們口語描述的素材。大家可以結合自身的經歷,來談談音樂給自己的生活帶來的影響,小編給大家支招:該話題比較靈活,可以融入自己的歌星,自己的演唱會經歷,自己的特長,與生活銜接緊密,但最終都需要由個人歸納到整體的宏觀影響層面來。下面是小編的范本,供各位考生參考。

        To be honest, I think music exert great influence on me personally. I love music, not any particular music genre though, my taste of music is actually quite mixed up. I think music expresses various kinds of human souls, which I like very much. For example,I am a rock buff and like all kinds of rock music, say, metal core, industrial metal, classic rock and melodic death metal. My favorite rock band is Oasis. They have been helping me get through my tough days ever since I first listened to their songs.

        Music exert substantial influence on public, especially the young. There are many famous singers who specialize at pop music in China, attracting millions of fans at all ages. My favorite pop singer is Jay Chow, whose music career has long been a huge success ever since his first debut in Taiwan.

        Besides, nowadays, many young people have learned to play, more or less, at least one music instrument. Take myself as an example, I once learned to play the harp when I was little. My mother taught me how to play the harp since she is a music teacher specializing at this musical instrument. But later, I had to give it up due to my heavy studying burden. I’d like to learn it again in the future if possible.

        All in all, music influence people in numerous aspects of our life. Music can relief our pressure and adjust our emotions. Personally, I believe it is quite important to learn to play a musical instrument. Therefore, one can have a deeper understanding about music and its theory. With music, people can learn to appreciate the beauty of rhythm and express their emotion, enjoy their life.



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