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        It's very hot today, isn t it?

        Isn t it hot today?

        Today s a scorcher.太陽火辣辣的天氣

        It's blistering hot./It's extremely hot.

        It's a fine day today./It's beautiful today.

        It's nice today.

        What s the forecast for tomorrow?

        It's going to be cold.會冷吧。

        What will the weather be like tomorrow?

        What s the weather going to be tomorrow?

        What s tomorrow s forecast?

        How s the weather today?--It's hot.

        Is it going to rain today?

        I doubt it.我想不會

        We re expecting some rain.

        It's going to rain./It's supposed to rain.

        Rain is expected.

        I heard it might rain.

        It's raining.

        It's going to rain today./It will rain today.

        It's hot today.

        It's warm today./It's a warm day.

        It's cold today.--It'sure is. 就是。

        It's chilly today./It's cool today.

        It's nippy today. 冷的刺骨

        It's windy today.

        It's humid./It's really humid today. 悶熱

        Yeah, my body is sweaty.

        It's dry.

        It's wet today./It's rainy today.

        It's stormy.

        There is going to be a storm today.

        It's snowing. --Yeah! Let s go skiing.

        It's gloomy./It's cloudy. 陰天

        It looks like we are going to have a thunder shower.

        Why are you taping your windows?

        A typhoon is coming.

        A typhoon is on its way.

        It's foggy. 霧/It's freezing.結冰

        It's very cold today.

        We re going to have a blizzard.要下暴風雨

        It's pleasant./It's comfortable.這天真舒服

        It's mild today./It's a nice day.

        It's misty. 霧蒙蒙的

        Let s go sunbathing.日光浴

        But, It's overcast today. 陰天

        It's cloudy today./It's gloomy.

        It's miserable. 糟糕的天氣

        It's a terrible day./It's an awful day.

        I m sensitive to heat. 我怕熱

        It's breezy today.今天風和日麗

        It's a breezy day.

        It's uncomfortable today.

        It's unpleasant today.

        The heat is killing me.

        It's raining cats and dogs! *瓢潑大雨

        It's frosty today./It's a frosty day. 下霜了


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