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        BBC news with Tom Watts. 

        President Trump has said he will soon issue an executive order imposing sanctions on Turkey in response to its attack on the Syrian Kurds.The US president said he was fully prepared to destroy Turkey's economy,if it continued damn what he called a dangerous and destructive path. Meahwhile a Turkey army and allied Syrian militias are moving towards the Kurdish hometown of Manbij, as their offensive in Northern Syria continues for a sixth day. Syria says its forces are entering the town as a part of an agreement with the Kurds to defend Manbij from Turkish attack.

        Catalan riot police have clashed with protesters disrupting flights at Barcelona airport. Officers wielding batons charged demonstrators on nearby roads, as protesters are angry at lengthy prison terms handed down to nine Catalan separatist leaders.

        Armed gunmen have killed 14 police officers in the Mexican states of Michoacán. The attack comes week after the police in the state killed the leader of a lcoal drug cartel.

        Thousands of residents are helping to clear rubber and burned tires from the center of Ecuardo's capital Quito, as two weeks of anti-austerity protests end. Indigenous people who led the demonstrations are leaving the city.

        Tunisia's election commission says preliminary results show a retired law professor has won 73% in the presidential election run off. Kais Saied said he had caused a revolution.

        Finland which currently holds the rotating EU presidency, says the EU needs more time for Brexit negotiations. Its prime Minister said discussions could continue even after Thursday's summit, the last scheduled meeting before the current Brexit deadline.

        And this year's Booker Prize for fiction has been awarded to the Canadian novelist  Margaret Atwood  for "The Testaments" and the British author Bernardine Evaristo "Girl, Woman, Other". The chair of the panel decide to flout a rule that could be only a single winner each year.

        That's the BBC news.


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