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        BBC news. 

        The United Nation says about 100,000 people have been forced from their homes in northeastern Syria by Turkey's military offensive against Kurdish fighters. The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he won't halt the military operation despite objections by other countries. On the Turkish side of the border, 20 people have been killed. On the Syrian side, observers say dozens of Kurdish fighters and at least 17 civilians have died, including three killed by Jihadists in a car bomb attack.

        The United States has announced that it's sending thousands of extra troops to support Saudi Arabia, in response to last month's attack on the country's oil industry.

        The former U.S ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch has told members of congress that she was dismissed over what she called unfounded and false claims by people with questionable motives. She said she was recalled from Kiev in May due to what she described as fictitious reports, circulated by allies of Donald Trump, that said she was disloyal to the president.

        Safety investigators have strongly criticized the U.S aviation regulator for granting approval to the Boeing 737 Max aircraft, two of which have crashed. The investigators found both Boeing and U.S Aviation Administration with fault for failing to identify vulnerabilities in the flight control system.

        Thousands of anti-government protesters in Haiti have clashed with police as they were kept back from marching in the home of president Jovenel Moise. The ongoing demonstrations sparked by deepening economic crisis have been spurred on by the skilling of a prominent journalist.

        The Hollywood star Jane Fonda who has been taking part in a climate change protest has been arrested after repeatedly refusing to leave the steps of the capital building in Washington.

        BBC news.


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