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        BBC news with Julie Candler.

        Russia’s envoy for Syria says Turkey has no right to deploy its troops permanently in Syria and should not go more than ten kilometres over the border. Russian military police are patrolling the lines of contact between Syrian and Turkish forces,  following the pullout of US troops.

        There have been clashes between protestors and police in the Spanish city of Barcelona for a second day as thousands demonstrated in support of Catalan independence leaders, who were sentenced to jail on Monday. Police used tear gas and baton charges to disperse people in the city center.

        European football’s governing body UEFA says it will hold an inquiry following races chanting by Bulgarian fans during a march against England in Sofia. UEFA’s President has blamed the rising of nationalism in Europe.

        British and European Union officials are holding late night talks in Brussels in an attempt to reach a Brexit agreement before an EU summit on Thursday. The EU’s Trivial Chief negotiator Michel Barnier has said it may be possible to resolve differences.

        Rescue workers in Brazil are trying to find people still buried in the ruins of a seven-storey residential building which collapsed in the northeastern city Fortaleza. Nine have been rescued so far.

        A bill which would allow single women and lesbians to get state-funded facility treatment has been approved by the French Lower House of Parliament. Conservative groups say they would fight the bill.

        Public sector unions in Zimbabwe say government workers can no longer afford to go to work as their salaries do not cover their travel costs. They blamed soaring inflation for devalue in the average salaries.

        And Scientists have found the European nightjars, migratory birds, that travel between Europe and Africa, feed twice as much than moon-lit night. The birds also tend to stop their migration following a full moon.

        BBC news.


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