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        BBC在線收聽下載:美國眾議院通過決議 譴責特朗普從敘利亞撤軍

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        BBC news with Nick Kelly.

        The U.S house of representatives have voted overwhelming to condemn president Trump's decision to withdraw American forces from northeastern Syria, leaving the Kurds to face Turkey's invasion. Following the vote, senior democrats in congress said the meeting with the president to discuss Syrian erupted into discord.

        The congressional impeachment inquiry has begun to hear a close-door testimony from another senior office in the Trump administration. Michael McKinley resigned as advisor to secretary of state Mike Pompeo last week.

        It has been a third night of violent unrest in Spanish city of Barcelona as Catalan separatists protested against the jailing of the leaders of a failed independence bid. Protesters set up burning barricades and hurled projectiles. The Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez has made a direct appeal to the Catalan regional president Quim Torra to condemn the violence.

        Qatar’s labor minister says he will scrap a restricted migrant permit system that has been described by rights activists as modern slavery. The Kafala system required migrant workers to obtain exit permits in order to leave the country.

        Hundreds of people have been arrested worldwide following the closure of a vast website selling images of child sexual abuse. The operation was led by the US and South Korean authorities.

        The British government sources told BBC that a draft Brexit deal will not be agreed by the end of Wednesday in Brussels. British and EU negotiators are still trying to hammer out a legal text with EU leaders set to hold a summit on Thursday.

        And an Italian court has ruled that one of Leonard da Vinci’s most famous drawings can be loaned to the Louvre Museum in Paris for an exhibition marking the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death. The ruling brings to end of a bitter culture tussle over the work, Vitruvian Man showing a naked figure with outstretched arms superimposed on a circle and a square.

        BBC news.


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