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        CNN News:加州通過新法案 大學生運動員能否領薪水再惹爭議

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        Today's show starts with a debate — should America's college athletes get paid? This has been a controversy for a while. What's new this time around is that the state of California has just passed a law called the Fair Pay to Play Act. It would allow college athletes to sign endorsement deals and earn money from their names or images. The law doesn't take effect until 2023, which allows time for legal challenges to play out. And it goes directly against rules set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The NCAA oversees student athletes from across the country. It also organizes athletic programs for American and Canadian college. And the NCAA brings in roughly $1 billion per year in revenue. But it's a not for profit organization.

        It says it gives 96 percent of the money it takes in back to schools. Still, the schools themselves profit from sports and the NCAA doesn't allow college players to sell autographs or make money off their You Tube channels. California's new law would change that. The state says that scholarships or free college attendance, which many top athletes receive, doesn't count as pay. But the NCAA says that if California allows athletes to profit and other states don't, it will remove equality in college sports and give California an unfair advantage in recruiting players from across America. Critics also say the law will blur the line between pro-sports which pay and amateur sports which don't. California's governor says the only college students who can't profit off their own images are athletes.

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