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          李陽英語聽力突破掌上寶01 我的汽車壞了

          Source: 恒星英語學習網  Onion  2009-07-12  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  
          [00:00.00]M:You will have to forgive me if I sound angry.But I am terribly upset.
          [00:04.21]W:Well,what seems to be the trouble?
          [00:06.71]M:This car!You just sold it to me six months ago.And now it looks as though I'll have to get a new transmission.
          [00:12.80]W:That's a little unusual .I've never heard of that kind of problem before.
          [00:16.85]M:I had the car in here just couple of weeks ago be_cause the oil light on the dashboard stayed on all the time.
          [00:22.39]W:I think I remember that.We had that fixed up,didn't we?
          [00:25.91]M:Sure.The light stayed off after that.But that't when the other trouble started.
          [00:30.77]W:What other trouble?You know that since you bought the car here,we'll everything we can to help.
          [00:35.55]M:That's what they said in the device department.
          [00:37.69]Anyway,I heard this terrible rattling in the motor,and then the car just seemed to lose all its power.
          [00:43.49]I couldn't even get up the hill in front of my own house.
          [00:46.16]W:Did you get in touch with us about that?
          [00:48.30]M:It happened on a Sunday.I had to have the car towed to my own service station.
          [00:53.24]And when they looked at the motor,they said the transmission had been burned out .
          [00:57.21]On a car that's only six months old,I never heard of anything like this___especially in a fancy,expensive car like this one.
          [01:04.34]W:Well,maybe that's covered by the warranty .Let's go into the manager's office and talk this matter over.

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