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        BBC環球慢速英語 第397期:萬圣節(3)

        Source: BBC    2019-10-24   English BBS   Favorite  

        voice 1: Samhain was a special time. It was a celebration of the end of summer, or life, and the beginning of winter, or death. So it was also a frightening time. The Celts believed that there was a natural barrier between the living and the dead. But, around this time, the barrier disappeared. They believed that spirits could rise from the dead around the time of Samhain. They could come among the living. And the spirits could even occupy the body of a living person during the next year.

        voice 2: Historians say that during the celebration of Samhain the Celts dressed themselves in different clothes. They walked through their villages making lots of noise. And they caused disorder in the village. They believed that this frightened the spirits away. Some historians also believe that the Celts sacrificed humans or animals during this celebration as a warning to the spirits.

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