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        China strongly dissatisfied on US trade sanction

        Source:  Onion  2007-03-31   English BBS   Favorite  

        The Chinese government expresses strong dissatisfaction about the U.S. decision to impose penalty tariffs against the imports of Chinese coated free sheet paper, Wang Xinpei, spokesman for China's Ministry of Commerce, said early Saturday.

        The Department of Commerce of the United States on Friday announced its preliminary decision to apply U.S. anti-subsidy law to the imports of coated free sheet paper from China.

        "This action of the U.S. side goes against the consensus reached by the leaders of both countries to resolve differences through dialogue," Wang said.

        "China strongly requires the U.S. side to reconsider the decision and make prompt changes," the spokesman said, adding China will closely watch the development of the issue and protect its own legitimate rights.

        In 1984 the United States set the policy of not applying anti-subsidy law to "non-market economies". Such a practice had been taken as a judicial precedent and had not been changed, Wang said.

        The preliminary decision of the U.S. Commerce Department made a bad instance and it obviously does not conform with the current judicial precedent of U.S. courts and the consistent practice of the U.S. Commerce Department, the spokesman said.

        While regarding China as a non-market economy, the U.S. ignored the strong protests from China and decided to apply its anti-subsidy law against China. "The decision brings great harm to the interests and feelings of Chinese business people and is not acceptable," Wang said.

        The U.S. Department of Commerce on Friday announced its preliminary decision to apply U.S. anti-subsidy law to imports from China.

        The decision alters a 23-year old bipartisan policy of not applying the countervailing duty (CVD) law to China, which the U.S. government regarded as a "non-market economy", said the Department of Commerce in a statement, adding the change reflects China's economic development.

        "China's economy has developed to the point that we can add another trade remedy tool, such as the countervailing duty law. The China of today is not the China of years ago," said Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez.

        The U.S. government also claimed that Chinese producers and exporters of coated free sheet paper received countervailable subsidies ranging from 10.90 to 20.35 percent.

        From 2005 to 2006, imports of coated free sheet paper products from China increased approximately by 177 percent in volume, and were valued at an estimated at 224 million dollars in 2006.

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