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          Task:In some countries, Young people are not only richer but also safer and healthier than ever before. However, they are less happy. Reasons and solutions.
          1. 第一個理由是,年輕人們生長在一個物質充沛的時代,他們早就習慣一種安逸的,便利的生活,所以他們對于生活水平的進步并不敏感。此外,年輕人都野心勃勃地追求金錢名利,這讓他們每天都掙扎在工作壓力和加班之中,這自然降低了它們的幸福感。
          2. 第二,很多年輕人從小就被父母溺愛,他們變得自私,無同情心。他們只關心自己的利益,而缺乏仁愛之心去幫助他人。結果是,他們也無法獲得的他人關愛,并每天都感覺到被隔離和孤獨。
          3. 解決之道需要年輕人改變自己。舉例,他們不應該成為追求名利的工作狂,而應該把更多的時間和注意力放到家庭之中,這能恢復一種工作和生活的平衡。此外,主動參加聚會和集體體育運動,這些和他人的互動能恢復他們的活力,積極的生活態度,以及好的情緒。

          Nowadays, with the development of technology and economy, living conditions of youngster have been improved substantially. However, it is surprising that the level of their happiness does not grow correspondingly. In this essay, I will give possible reasons and solutions to this issue.
          Firstly, as the young generation grow up and live in a time when there is much more abundant materials, they take for granted their high living standard and become less sensitive to any improvement in this regard. On the other hand, their spiritual need cannot satisfy due to the loss of traditional values. They strive for fame and profit and suffer from high stress every day, but get disoriented in a fast-changing world and have no idea about the ultimate goal of their lives.
          In addition, as many young people were spoilt by their parents in their childhood, they become self-centered, inconsiderate and apathetic. All they care about is no more than their personal interests and feelings, instead of having a charitable heart for giving and helping others. Therefore, love and care, the key elements connecting people together emotionally, are fading. Therefore, young people gradually become indifferent from their friends and families, which then trapping them into negative emotions like loneliness, depression and anxiety.
          To address this problem, young people should realize that the main solution lies with their own change. They should shift their attention from the pursuit of fame and money to their families and a balanced life. Also, engaging in interpersonal activities like parties and sports with friends is an idea way that helping young generations recover their emotional pleasure and well-being back, because sharing true feelings, experience and inner-heart ideas with others is a wonderful means of relieving stress, mentally.


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