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        A: Okay, here are the graphs and figures for this month's sales. Let's review them all together.

        B: This first one , I have a question.... This graph is marking the sales perfomance for our line of hair products, right? Can this line be right? It looks like our sales plummeted. I can't believe we did that poorly.... If I remember correctly, sales went down slightly, but not as dramatically as the graph shows.

        A: I think you are looking at the wrong line. The rapid drop in sales wasn't our hair products. You are correct, the hair product sales decreased slightly, but not dramatically. The one that didn't do so hot this month was the cleaning products. I think there was a problem in the marketing plan. Some people were offended by our advertisements for the cleaning products, but it was already too late to mitigate the damage, so our mistake shows up in the sales.

        B: Well, the good news is the new industrial cleaning products really took off. Look how the sales have shot up over the last two weeks.

        A: That is our one major success. If you look at the other graphs, you can see that most of the other product lines remained steady with little increase.

        B: At lease they stayed the same. That's better than dropping.


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